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Oromia is approximately located between 2 degree and 12 degree N and between 34 degree and 44 degree E. It is bordered in the East by Somali and Afar lands and Djibouti, in the West by the Sudan, in the South by Somalia, Kenya and others and in the North by Amhara and Tigre land or Abyssinia proper. The land area is about 600 000 square kilometres. Out of the 50 or so African countries it is exceeded in size by only 17 countries. It is larger than France, and if Cuba, Bulgaria and Britain were put together, they would be approximately equal to Oromia in size.

The physical geography of Oromia is quite varied. It varies from rugged mountain ranges in the centre and north to flat grassland in most of the lowlands of the west, east and south. Among the many mountain ranges are the Karra in Arsi (4340 m), Baatu in Baaie (4307 m), Enkelo in Arsi (4300 m), Mui'ataa in Hararge (3392m) and Baddaa Roggee in Shawa(3350m ). more>>>

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 Press Release 14/12/2018

OLF senior leadership  will arrive in Finfinnee, Ethiopia on Saturday 29 December 2018.


Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABOIt is to be remembered that the Oromo Liberation Front - ‘Transitional Authority’ (OLF-‘TA’) has reached a historic agreement with the Ethiopian government on 30 October 2018 in Berlin, Germany that endorsed the Front to undertake a peaceful political struggle in Ethiopia. Based on this agreement the OLF-‘TA’ is pleased to announce that the senior leadership of the Front will arrive in Finfinnee, Ethiopia on Saturday 29 December 2018.

OLF – ‘TA’ Executive Committee [PDF]


Press statement on the peace agreement between the OLF (Qaama Cehumsaa) and the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE)

Oromo flagOromo flagFor Immediate Release

3 November 2018

A high level OLF delegate led by Mr Galasa Dilbo, Chairman of the Oromo Liberation FrontQaama Cehumsa (OLF-QC) and a delegate of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia headed by Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, have met in Berlin, Germany, on 30 October 2018 and concluded a peace agreement between the two parties.

The parties have acknowledged that the 45-year-long conflict between the Ethiopian regimes and the OLF has caused tragic loss of life and suffering and agreed to work wholeheartedly to bring about a lasting peaceful resolution to it.

The agreement comprises a framework that will facilitate the cessation of all forms of hostilities and ensure mutual trust and promoting one’s political agenda only through a peaceful means. read more [Afaan Oromoo]

 Tokkummaa ilaalchisee afaanfaajjii deemaa jiru sirreesuuf ibsa ABO irraa kenname 


Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABOAmmaan kana yeroo abbootiin Gadaa, mangudooleen biyyaa, beektonnii fi dhaabotni siyaasaa hedduun nagaa fi tokkumman akka dhaabota siyaasaa Oromoo gidduutti dagaaguuf tattaafata jiranitti afaanfaajji fi olola dharaa Oromiyaa keessa facaasuun safuu dhabuuf itti gafatamummaan kan itti xiqqate dha jennee amanna.

Gama keenyaan dhimmi tokkummaa qabsa’ota Oromoo fi dhaaba ABO dhimma fardii hunda caalaa olaana ta’etti amanna. Hanga hara’atti tokkummaan ABO akka hin diigamneef yaalii ijibbachisaa fi wareegama lubbuu namaa dabalate itti kafallee jirra. Tattaafin waggoota 20 darbaniif taasifaman kan hin milkawin hafeef harki alagaa waan nu gidduu seeneef ture.

Amman kana carraa wareegama qaalii ilamaan Oromoo kafalaniin aragametti gargaaramuudhaan ABOn akka deebi’e tokkoomu Oromiyaa keessattii abbootiin Gadaa, mangudooleen biyyaa fi hayyootiin lafa argamanitti furmaata mayyii itti goona jenne waliin irratti hojjechaa jirra. >>> read more



       Press ReleaseOromo flagOromo flag


The speech made by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed on June 19, 2018 in the Ethiopian Parliament calling for reconciliation is admirable and his call for peaceful settlement of conflicts in Ethiopia deserves consideration. However, we will take this opportunity to reiterate the goal of the struggle of our organization, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), for more than 40 years, to come to the concrete content of our response to the call.

It is a well-known fact that the relationship between the Ethiopian state and the Oromo people is not based
on an agreement or a political contract entered voluntarily by both parties. The Oromo people were dragged
into it against their will. Ethiopia occupied Oromia by force and denied the Oromo people the right to identity, enslaved them, and used their resources and labour, put them in darkness and lived so far. Needless to say, that Oromia has been under occupation and was ruled by force for more than 130 years. It was out of this reality that the OLF was formed in 1973 to organize and lead the Oromo people in the struggle for the liberation of Oromia. The same persistent reality also created the current unrest in Oromia. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]



GGOGGORemembering the fallen Qeerroo/Youth on Oromo Martyrs Day April 15, 2018

Every April 15, on Oromo Martyrs Day, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromo nation honour the bravery of those who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty, fighting for the freedom and liberation of Oromia.

The OLF would like to dedicate the 2018 Oromo Martyrs Day to the honour and memory of the heroic resilience and line of defence raised by the Oromo Qeerroo and Oromo mothers who put themselves as shields to protect their loved ones and sacrificed their lives during the Oromo uprising since 2014 that brought the Tigray People’s Liberation Front/Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (TPLF/EPRDF) to its knees and are on the verge of changing the course of history.

The Oromo Qeerroo have lost thousands of souls but did not let the intruders pass unchallenged to reoccupy Oromia in all four corners of our country. The TPLF/EPRDF regime is forced to declare two rounds of State of Emergency. It hangs onto power through military command posts and has fully deployed the Agazi special force and other branches of its security forces across Oromia. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]



Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABOThe OLF strongly condemns the massacre of Oromo civilians by the Ethiopian army in Moyale town in Southern Oromia, on 10 March 2018. The Ethiopian army soldiers shot dead 13 and seriously wounded more than 50 unarmed civilians by opening gun fire on peaceful people going about their normal business, including women and children. The OLF also notes with deep concern that the same army responsible for the incident displaced more than 50,000 Oromo people who are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge across the border in Kenya. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]

Oromo Liberation Front Position statement on the current situation and the so-called Transitional Arrangement for Ethiopia.

Oromo flagOromo flagWe call for a genuine transitional arrangement for Oromia first and foremost. Such an arrangement must be based on a minimum programme that can unite the majority of the Oromo political and civic organizations. We must have our own Oromia Consensus. Such a consensus is needed to adopt a common agenda and position that can be presented to the stakeholders and the wider international community interested in averting the looming catastrophe that is gathering momentum in Ethiopia. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]


2018 New Year Message from OLF Chairman Galasa Dilbo

Galasa Dilbo
OLF Chairman Galasa Dilbo OLF Chairman

Our struggle is a just struggle. As a nation, we are doing what we can to regain our human dignity and what is best for our children’s future. We are optimistic to achieve these goals because we are making tangible progress. In 2017, the OLF continued successfully restoring the organisation, linked up the structures inside and outside Oromia, built bridges with other independent Oromo liberation entities, held a number of successful public consultations with our communities in the diaspora, and developed diplomatic ties in the spirit of solidarity. All this must continue at a solid pace during 2018. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]


The Atrocities of the TPLF Regime cannot Stop the Struggle of the Oromo Nation for Freedom Faajjii OromooFaajjii Oromoo

The people of Oromia have been battling against the vicious Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) ever since it illegally entered their country in 1991. The TPLF, controlling the ailing Ethiopian empire by the barrel of gun, has been conducting acts of genocide against the Oromo people as a means to thwart their demand for national self-determination. [read more]

Ajeechaa fi shororkaan mootummaa Wayyaanee qabsoo Oromoon bilisummaaf godhu dhaabuu hin danda’u.

Ummanni Oromoo erga bara 1991 Wayyaaneedhaan biyyi isaa qabamee as falmaa godhu hin dhaabne. Humni Wayyaanee eimpaayera Itiophiyaa yeelalaa jiru afaan qawween erga to’annaa jala oolchee as, hiree ifii ifiin murteeffannaa Oromiyaa iggituuf duguuggaa sanyii raawwachaa jiran. [read more]




Oromo flagOromo flagWe, the undersigned leaders of independent Oromo political organisations, remain deeply troubled over the recent massacres that are perpetrated by the TPLF regime in Bishoftu, Walloo, Hararghe, Bale, Borana, and Guji, areas in particular, and the ongoing slaughtering taking place daily in the rest of Oromia.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with our impacted communities at large and the families whose loved ones are martyred in particular. We proudly salute the heroes and heroines amongst our youth known as Qeerroo, elders, intellectuals, and members of our organisations engaged in the defence of our nation under extremely challenging circumstances all across our land.

The ongoing genocidal acts by the incumbent Ethiopian regime have shaken our nation to its core and caused many people to question what needs to be done to save our nation from extermination. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]

 OLF condemns the arbitrary alteration of Oromo Qubee alphabet by the TPLF regime

Tartiiba Qubee Afaan OromooTartiiba Qubee Afaan OromooWe condemn in the strongest possible terms the alteration of the Oromo Qubee alphabet by the fascist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime. What exactly motivated the TPLF regime to change the Oromo writing system is nothing but its long-standing enmity towards the Oromo people, their culture, and their language. Its action is an integral part of its campaign of genocide against the Oromo people, their culture and their language and to denigrate what belongs to the Oromo nation.  [read more]  [Afaan Oromoo]




Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABOGuyyaan goototaa kun yeroo yadatamuttii ummatni keenyaa roorroo yeroo kamu caaluu fi daguuggaa sanyi jalattii kufe akka argamu nama marafu ifaa dha. Ilmaan Oromoo golee Oromiyaa kessattii guyyaa har’a kana diina waliin kokkee walqabaa jiran kabajaa olaanaa qabnaaf. Dabalata dargaggoota Oromoo ayyaana Irreechaa 2016 irrattii gara jabeenyaan diinni galaafate kabajaa addaatiin yaadanna.

Guyyaa gootota Oromoo jechuun waluma galattii eerga Oromiyaan waanjoo kolonii jalattii kufte hanga har’an tanaatti kanneen bilisummaa biyya isaaniif jechaa wareegama lubbuu kafalan kan itti yaadanuu dha. Kanaaf, guuyyaan goototaa kun yeroo irbuu keenya itti haaromsinuu fi gumaata qabsoof kenninu itti mirkaneesinu akka ta’u ABOn abdi guutuu qaba. [ read more]



The Whole of Oromia Must Act to Stop the Agazi and Liyu Police Terror in Hararge, Bale, Borana and Gujii.

Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABO

It is well known that areas in eastern and southern Oromia are already hit by drought and weakened. The people are deprived of water and food by the government and there is no adequate humanitarian assistance in the region. Using this opportunity, the paramilitary forces of the fascist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) regime, Agazi and Liyu Police, are deployed alongside the border of Oromia and Ogaden region committing massacres.

In the past four weeks alone, the Liyu Police slaughtered more than 200 innocent Oromo people. These paramilitary forces are engaged in ethnic cleansing through armed attacks against unarmed Oromo civilians, women and children. The barbaric Agazi and Liyu Police are burning down villages, displacing thousands of people from their ancestral land, and carry out pillage in several districts of Oromia, for instance Qumbii, Cinaaksan, Gursum, Mayyuu Mulluqqee, Miidhagaa Lolaa, Odaa Diimaa, and Hara Funaanni. [More]

[Afaan Oromo] [Englsih] 

Alaabaa OromooAlaabaa Oromoo

2017 New Year Message from OLF Chairman Galasa Dilbo

Comrades and Compatriots, Happy new year to you all! I hope you will celebrate the start of 2017 in good spirit with comrades, family and friends. As the new year is approaching, it is good to look ahead and think about what this year may bring us.

But, first a quick look back. 2016 was quite a year for all of us. We have been through many challenges; and the circumstances being most unfavorable for our nation. As the year ushered in, Oromia was in the midst of popular uprising spearheaded by our gallant youth. As the year progressed, our countrymen and women joined the peaceful resistance against the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) occupying forces in masses in every part of our country. The response of the TPLF was brutal culminating in the October 2, 2016 massacre at the Irrechaa celebration in Bishoftu.

During the year, thousands of our people have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of our country; tens of thousands are languishing in Nazi style concentration camps and thousands more suffering in countless torture chambers of the Ethiopian empire. Thus, as we are on the way to end this year, our people are in the grip of state terrorism and Oromia is under state of emergency, which is a euphemism for military rule. [more]

[Afaan Oromo]  [English]


Oromo Liberation Front proudly announces the election of Galasa Dilbo as its Chairman

Galaasaa Dolloo
OLF ChairmanGalaasaa Dolloo OLF ChairmanOLF is pleased to announce the election of Galasa Dilbo as Chairman and Mulugeta Mosisa as Deputy Chairman of OLF in a democratic process accordance to the constitution of the organization.

Galasa Dilbo is recognized all across Oromia, for his selfless dedication to the freedom of his people. He has a proven track record of leadership skills and utilizing participatory leadership style. He has the vision to win the trust of the great Oromo nation and lead our organization to victory in the struggle for liberation of Oromia. [more]

[Afaan Oromo]  [English]


                         PRESS RELEASE 

Alabaa OromooAlabaa OromooJoint OLF and ULFO Statement on the Ethiopian Regime’s Mass Murder at the Irreechaa Festival on
October 2, 2016

We strongly condemn the brutal acts of state terrorism by the fascist TPLF regime on the Oromo people who were peacefully celebrating the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognised Thanksgiving religious festival known as Irreechaa, at the holy site of Lake Arsadi, Bishoftu, Oromia, on October 2, 2016. [more]

[Afaan Oromo]

The Oromo Irreecha Festival Revisited and Reinterpreted

By Mekuria Bulcha, PhD


 Irreecha has a special place in strengthening unity since the people are not only displaying the varieties of Oromo costumes but also discuss together, share views in different dialects and sing Maree hoo as one. This shows unity. Irreecha is very important in strengthening unity….  It is important specifically for the youth to strengthen our unity. I am enjoying it and feeling happy about it. [more]



This Memorandum of Understanding heralds an agreement that has been reached in the formation of coalition between Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and United Liberation Forces of Oromiya (ULFO)  [more]     



Tumsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo (ABO) fi Tokkummaa Humnoota Bilisummaa Oromiyaa (THBO) jidduutti utubame ilaalchisee labsa walhubannoo dhaabota lamaan irraa ba’e. [more]


Alaabaa Oromoo/ Oromo flagAlaabaa Oromoo/ Oromo flagWaamicha ABO dhaboota, sabboonoota fi qabsaawoota Oromoo maraaf


Furmaata kan argamsiisu, qabsaawoota, sabboonootaa fi jaalaltoota biyyaa ti. Furmaatni argamuus, ABO deebisanii tokkoomsuu, ijaaruu, jabeessuu, humneessuu fi irroomsuu ta’uu qaba. Kanatu, qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof furmaata ta’a. Hoggansa fi jarmayaa tokkoome Oromiyaa keessatti yeroo gabaabduu keessatti deebisuu fi qabsoo bilisummaa finiinsuun gaafii bilbelchiiftuu yeroo tan har’a harkaa nu qabu. Caasaa tokkoomee fi hooggansa waloo qabaachuu fi qabsoo biyyaatti deebisuun, qabsoo bilisummaa milkeessuuf murteessaa dha.

Kanaaf ABO, dhaaboota, garreewwan, murnootaa fi nam-tokkeewwaan maqaa ABO qaban hundaa fi dhaaboota
Oromoo kan sagantaa walfakkaataa ABO wajjiin qabaatan hundaaf konfiraansii/Conference/ waloo tokko qopheessinee waan asii oltti kaafne waliin mar’annee hojjitti hiikuuf waamicha lammummaa fi jaallummaa isin hunddaafuu dhiyeessina. Nu hunduu, gaafatama woloo fi gaafatama seenaa waliin qabna. [more]


Peaceful protests in Oromia and Ethiopia: can you spot the difference?

 By: Falmata Biya

 5 August 2016

 The Ethiopian empire remains split between the north and south - the northerners are citizens and the southerners are  innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia. innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia.colonial subjects. The above two recent photos clearly demonstrate the bitter reality of Ethiopia – an empire that has been built on naked racism. The Tigre-Amhara coalition never accepted the Oromo and the rest as fellow citizens deserving equal respect or protection.

  Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state.Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state.

 Just in case you have not spotted the difference between the above two pictures, the photographic exhibit on the left shows innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia.  The picture on the right shows Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state. [more]



29 July 2016
It is with the deepest sorrow that the OLF announces the passing of Tarfa Dibaba on 29th July 2016 at the age of 76. Tarfa Dibaba was one of the founders and a senior member of OLF leadership. He was one of the early educated few that helped in advancing Oromo national struggle that led to the present awakening. Until he took his last breath, he had never stopped encouraging his comrades not to waver from their set objective. [more]

 OLF PRESS RELEASE: Lessons from the Ongoing Oromo Revolution and the Way Forward

 15 July 2016

The OLF stands ready to play a leading role in organizing such a Convention. Naturally we expect that Oromo scholarly, religious, and civic organizations, elders, as well as all Oromo political organizations will also play a leading role as equal partners, in contributing to the process of organizing and shaping the outcome the Convention. We invite also intellectuals to make their contributions to this effort without reservation, fear or favour. Oromo media organizations are expected to play a significant role for the realization of the Convention as well as holding political actors accountable once a Consensus is adopted.  

The Convention we envisage will not only produce a clear roadmap that takes our nation to independence, but also provide a much needed code of conduct for Oromo political actors. We believe that once agreed upon and adopted by the majority, the National Consensus will help in devising a transitional structure for Oromo self-governance during the post-Woyane period and beyond.  Our action now can have a significant impact on the fate of our nation, and be under no illusion, so does our inaction. read more

Labsaa ABO, Afaan Oromoo 


A Historic Mass Uprising in Oromia

Itana Gammada

The only viable choice for nations or peoples under colonial occupation is to set forth their goals, become organized and united in their stated objectives, and fight for their freedom, independence, justice, and dignity....Today, our nation Oromia is under siege. read more >>>


Ethiopia: 25 Years of Human Rights Violations

Oromo protest against the Addis Ababa Master Plan erupted again in late 2015. The government labelled the protesters as “terrorists” and escalated its response against them, resulting in deaths, injuries and the mass arrest of protesters, opposition party leaders and journalists. The ATP permits up to four months of pre-trial detention, which contravenes international human rights standards.  Amnesty International has documented the widespread use of torture and other ill-treatment of protesters during this lengthy pre-trial detention period. The Federal police, regional police and the military killed children as young as twelve years of age during the protests. The security forces and the military have discharged live ammunition, and beaten up protestors, wounding hundreds of people. They have also conducted mass arrests during the protests as well as its aftermath. read more

Source Amnesty International


Killings and Arrests in Response Oromo Protests, “Such a Brutal Crackdown”

State security forces in Ethiopia have used excessive and lethal force against largely peaceful protests that have swept through Oromia, the country’s largest region, since November 2015. Over 400 people are estimated to have been killed, thousands injured, tens of thousands arrested, and hundreds, likely more, have been victims of enforced disappearances. read more


Who are the Rulers of Ethiopian Empire?

Ibsaa Guutamaa

Rulers were encouraging that type of pride to insulate them from the ongoing truth.The Habashaa are divided into two major groups, Amhara and Tigrawayi. Most of the time, Amhara groups participated in governance. This time the minority Tigrean ruling group shares the saddle. read more



OLF is Oromo, Oromo is OLF

Oromo liberation movement originated from pain oppression caused to Oromo society. At a period when poverty, illiteracy, ignorance and physical and psychological abuse reached an intolerable level in Oromiyaa social movements to ameliorate them started to show up and political grievances started to simmer. read more


From a Student Movement to a National Revolution—A Struggle with an Independent Oromo State Insight. Prof Mekuria Bulcha

The Oromo and the other peoples in the southern part of Ethiopia are caught in a vicious circle of tyranny that is deeply rooted in a colonial conquest at the end of the 19th century.


The need for Oromo nationalists' unity to end Tigrayan genocide of Oromo people

Leenjiso Horo

The Oromo people have united more than ever before from width and breath of Oromia to end the colonial occupation in order to restore their full national sovereignty and independence. read more


“Let No External Pressure Force You to Back from Fulfilling Your Responsibilities to Your People”


"Dhibbaa kara kamiyyuu isinitti dhufuun dirqamtani of duuba hin jedhina; waan saba keenyaf hin baasaa, bu’as qaba jettan hojjedha."

"Let no external pressure force you to back from fulfilling your responsibilities to your people; do what you believe will serve the interest of our nation."

Yishaaq to Galaasaa Dilboo, Secretary General of the OLF, 1994. read more