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Oromia is approximately located between 2 degree and 12 degree N and between 34 degree and 44 degree E. It is bordered in the East by Somali and Afar lands and Djibouti, in the West by the Sudan, in the South by Somalia, Kenya and others and in the North by Amhara and Tigre land or Abyssinia proper. The land area is about 600 000 square kilometres. Out of the 50 or so African countries it is exceeded in size by only 17 countries. It is larger than France, and if Cuba, Bulgaria and Britain were put together, they would be approximately equal to Oromia in size.

The physical geography of Oromia is quite varied. It varies from rugged mountain ranges in the centre and north to flat grassland in most of the lowlands of the west, east and south. Among the many mountain ranges are the Karra in Arsi (4340 m), Baatu in Baaie (4307 m), Enkelo in Arsi (4300 m), Mui'ataa in Hararge (3392m) and Baddaa Roggee in Shawa(3350m ). more>>>

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 Tokkummaa ilaalchisee afaanfaajjii deemaa jiru sirreesuuf ibsa ABO irraa kenname 


Faajjii ABOFaajjii ABOAmmaan kana yeroo abbootiin Gadaa, mangudooleen biyyaa, beektonnii fi dhaabotni siyaasaa hedduun nagaa fi tokkumman akka dhaabota siyaasaa Oromoo gidduutti dagaaguuf tattaafata jiranitti afaanfaajji fi olola dharaa Oromiyaa keessa facaasuun safuu dhabuuf itti gafatamummaan kan itti xiqqate dha jennee amanna.

Gama keenyaan dhimmi tokkummaa qabsa’ota Oromoo fi dhaaba ABO dhimma fardii hunda caalaa olaana ta’etti amanna. Hanga hara’atti tokkummaan ABO akka hin diigamneef yaalii ijibbachisaa fi wareegama lubbuu namaa dabalate itti kafallee jirra. Tattaafin waggoota 20 darbaniif taasifaman kan hin milkawin hafeef harki alagaa waan nu gidduu seeneef ture.

Amman kana carraa wareegama qaalii ilamaan Oromoo kafalaniin aragametti gargaaramuudhaan ABOn akka deebi’e tokkoomu Oromiyaa keessattii abbootiin Gadaa, mangudooleen biyyaa fi hayyootiin lafa argamanitti furmaata mayyii itti goona jenne waliin irratti hojjechaa jirra. >>> read more



       Press ReleaseOromo flagOromo flag


The speech made by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed on June 19, 2018 in the Ethiopian Parliament calling for reconciliation is admirable and his call for peaceful settlement of conflicts in Ethiopia deserves consideration. However, we will take this opportunity to reiterate the goal of the struggle of our organization, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), for more than 40 years, to come to the concrete content of our response to the call.

It is a well-known fact that the relationship between the Ethiopian state and the Oromo people is not based
on an agreement or a political contract entered voluntarily by both parties. The Oromo people were dragged
into it against their will. Ethiopia occupied Oromia by force and denied the Oromo people the right to identity, enslaved them, and used their resources and labour, put them in darkness and lived so far. Needless to say, that Oromia has been under occupation and was ruled by force for more than 130 years. It was out of this reality that the OLF was formed in 1973 to organize and lead the Oromo people in the struggle for the liberation of Oromia. The same persistent reality also created the current unrest in Oromia. [read more] [Afaan Oromoo]




Peaceful protests in Oromia and Ethiopia: can you spot the difference?

By: Falmata Biya

5 August 2016

The Ethiopian empire remains split between the north and south - the northerners are citizens and the southerners are  innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia. innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia.colonial subjects. The above two recent photos clearly demonstrate the bitter reality of Ethiopia – an empire that has been built on naked racism. The Tigre-Amhara coalition never accepted the Oromo and the rest as fellow citizens deserving equal respect or protection.


Just in case you have Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state.Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state.not spotted the difference between the above two pictures, the photographic exhibit on the left shows innocent Oromo people shot dead by the murderous racist Ethiopian regime for taking part in peaceful rallies across Oromia.  The picture on the right shows Ethiopian citizens enjoying their rights of demonstrating in Gondar, Amhara state.


What is more, the natives of Gondar demonstrated carrying the flag of Arbanyoch-Ginbot 7, a political party condemned by the TPLF regime. The Gondar demonstrators demand a sizable part of Tigray region, Wolqaiti Tsagade, to be returned to Gondar – threatening the territorial integrity of Tigray. It is well documented that Tigray usurped the fertile farmlands of Humera, and Wolqaiti Tsegade from Gondar as soon as TPLF controlled power in Finfinnee in 1991, for obvious economic reasons.


Few days before the Gondar demonstration, some armed farmers marched on the town of Gondar and forcefully freed a military man who was under arrest. It was also reported that the armed men also allegedly killed members of the regime’s security forces. All these did not provoke the TPLF regime into the kind of fits of rage and mass murder they have been perpetrating on daily basis in Oromia over the past 9 months. Is it because the protesters in Gondar were armed and able to fire back? Or are protesters in Gondar are Ethiopians and protesters in Oromia are subjects?


People of Gondar have so far held at least a couple of mass rallies demonstrating against the TPLF regime. There are no shooting or mass arrest in Gondar, unlike Oromia where thousands have been shot dead by Agazi special force and tens of thousands have been arrested, and unknown number of innocent Oromo are languishing in secrete Nazi-style concentration camps.


Unlike the people of Gondar province, the people of Oromia are not demanding an inch of land from Tigray. The Oromo demand nothing more than what the regime itself has acknowledged to be Oromia. The Oromo people have not raised the OLF flag, that is until now. As I am writing this short reflection, the Oromo people are waking up to the morning of what is said to be a D-Day – Oromia-wide protest called for 6 August 2016.


Oromo flagOromo flagWill the TPLF tolerate this resistance flag?


Not only there seems to be a national consensus for Oromo to descend on Finfinne, their capital city, tomorrow for the big day, but to rally under the OLF flag. Until now the Oromo people have tried their best not to give the enemy a pretext to shoot them as there is no doubt the regime would massacre them and claim they shot at OLF supporters. The Oromo restraint has not stopped the TPLF from conducting mass distraction and genocide against them. Now that the TPLF did not fire on demonstrators waving Arbanyochi-Ginbot 7 flag in Gondar, will it also tolerate the Oromo people waving the OLF flag?  


Ethiopia always safeguards the wellbeing of the Amhara and Tigray, never the Oromo.Ethiopia always safeguards the wellbeing of the Amhara and Tigray, never the Oromo.The primary purpose of the state is protection of its citizens. Well, Ethiopia always safeguards the wellbeing of the Amhara and Tigray, never the Oromo. For the Ethiopian empire the Oromo are prime enemy deserving to be exterminated. We have seen this over the past 2 years in particular. For instance, pregnant mothers shot dead and thrown to the hyenas, children as young as 6 murdered, university students killed and For the Ethiopian empire the Oromo are prime enemy deserving to be exterminated.For the Ethiopian empire the Oromo are prime enemy deserving to be exterminated.grandmothers jailed  for no apparent crime other than being Oromo (Because I am Oromo, Amnesty International reports)


On the eve of what might end up being a very significant day in the history of Oromia, I dread what will transpire tomorrow if what we have been told is true and the Oromo have decided to support the call for nation-wide demonstration. One of two things can happen. The first and likeliest scenario is that the regime continues selectively targeting the Oromo people and this will anger the majority of the Oromo and leads to total war and collapse of the system. The alternative is for the regime to respect the Oromo people as it respected the Amhara and listens to what the Oromo have to say. If the regime chose to do the later then there can be a possibility of some sort of reasonable way forward as to how to peacefully resolve the 130 years old conflict between Oromia and Ethiopia.


There are some who also say that the Amhara people are organizing themselves to follow the Oromo example and initiate an Amhara state-wide protest. It is better late than never. It took the Amhara people 25 years to wake up to the danger the Tigre elite poses to the peace and security of the region. The Oromo have been resisting the TPLF for the past 25 years, spearheaded by students. Amhara university students never joined Oromo students in 2000, 2004, 2010 and 2015/16 when the Oromo students held demonstration in different university campuses. It was not for the first time that the TPLF used life bullets and grenades against Oromo students, including even primary school pupils. It is TPLF’s modus operandi – state terrorism.


Now that the Amhara are also protesting how the racist TPLF regime responds to this challenge remains to be seen. For the Oromo, there is no going back. It is the Oromo D-Day and no option but to march forward in unison and see what happens. Go forth and fight for your freedom. They say, ‘it is better to die on your feet rather than living on your knees’. Liberty never comes cheap.


Oromia shall be free!